April, 1999
Tom Sawyer and Tom Waits travel to Mexico to see Marisol

January 5, 2000
Confirmed by FAI - all book shipments arrive in Obregon and Alamos

January 10, 2000
Tomas Tomas receives 501(c)(3) Public Charity status from the IRS

January 18, 2000
Our new website is completed

March 25, 2000
A Team of three people (Tom Sawyer, Robin Flinchum (translator and cataloger), and George Shepard (Muralist)) went to Mexico to setup the Alamos Children's Library. The project was a wonderful success. They worked with FAI and local people to refurbish a building donated by the school board of Alamos that houses the library, and installed 937 books. For more information see Library Projects and Pictures of the Alamos library project phase I completion.

February 27, 2001
Jim & Pat Warren donated the use of their airplane to fly books to Alamos. Ken Rose (who donated his time & skill to pilot the airplane) and Toms Sawyer flew into Alamos meeting Adam Quihuis, Molly Batt and Maye; delivering
243 more books to the library. This shipment consisted of mostly books for teenagers and reference books. The trip went very well. The library now has a total of 1180 books. It is now the largest children's library in 200 miles. Tom met with Juan Lopez in the library and found that the library has been kept clean and very well maintained and much used, they are even busing children from other schools to use the library. It was a quick trip but all were very happy and thankful for the generosity of Jim & Pat Warren and Ken Rose. It was a great reunion.

May 21, 2001
Robin Flinchum of Tecopa, CA is translating the website into Spanish.
Vivan Newdick in Boston, MA is the Translations Editor - these are the best girls in the world. The work is in progress and you will see additions in Spanish over the next few weeks.

June 1, 2001
SAVE THE CHILDREN post feature story on their website,

November 16, 2001
IPC Media Limited NME.COM Web Site posts news story.


December 10, 2001
Santa Rosa, CA - LA VOZ 
bilingual newspaper does feature story on the Alamos Library

June 22, 2002
Tomas Tomas team travels to Mexico
completing Phase III of the Alamos library.
Click here for details also see Victoria's Log
600 children per day are now using the library.

July 22, 2002
Matthew Gollub and the Tortuga Press
 donate 1,100 children's books in Spanish
for the Alamos Library Personal Book Program
 and 80 hardcover books for the library itself.

December 9th, 2002
The website translation into Spanish is completed. We would like to thank the following people for their contributions and the many long hours in translating the website: Robin Flinchum of Tacopa Springs and team member of Tomas Tomas, 
Vivan Newdick of Boston, Francisco H. Vázquez, Ph. D - Sonoma State University, Dinorah Gallegos of Santa Rosa, Luis Avila of El Salvador, 
and Eloisa Colin - Sonoma State University.

October 10th, 2005
Books and Computers are shipped to Patzcuaro. This winter, Moona O'Toole, one of our board members will travel to southwest Mexico to begin setting up a new library.

November, 2006
Moona O'Toole has just returned from Alamos, Mexico and is happy to report that the library is in good condition and being used by around 600 children daily. Also the Mexican government has donated computers to the library and a volunteer from Alamos will provide training.

December, 2006
Charles Tackett of Ford Motor Company has donated books to Tomas Tomas and they along with several thousand other book will be shipped to one or more of our prospective new library projects. (Barra de Potosi and Puacuaro)  Update in February 2007.


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